Frequency Transducer

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  1. PWM Transducer GS-PWM-DV28-A6SC

    GS-PWM-DV28-A6SC series is isolated PWM transducer. It can measure PWM signal and,by adjusting pulse width,output standard linear signal 0-5V DC;
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  2. Single Phase AC Voltage Transducer GS-AV1B1-FxSC

    The model GS-AV1B1-FxSC is an analog frequency transducers for converting analog standard signals into frequency signals or PWM signals
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  3. Frequency Transducer GS-AF1B1-xxMC

    Model GS-AF1B1-xxMC is AC Frequency transducerdesigned to give a DC output that is proportional to an input frequency value. This AC frequency transducer is especially suited to variable frequency systems.
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